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On my wedding day I spent 3 hours getting my hair and make-up done. 3 hours.

After, I went home and my apartment was quiet. The first time it had been quiet in days. It was mid-day, but the apartment was a little dark and cool, which just added to the quiet. I walked down to where my dress waited for me and I couldn’t help but think about polish dancers. You know, when you are a kid and you go to the county fair and there are these dancers and they are wearing special costumes and they do their traditional folk dances? Big skirts and maybe aprons and hats?

Polish Dancers.

We’ve all heard that America is a melting pot. Cultures come here and melt into a gooey American cheese ball. I’ve also heard that America is a mixed salad, multiple diverse and culturally connected elements that keep their identity while coming together to form a delicious and nutritious salad of patriotism. But really, America is a fondue. It isn’t either/or. There is the melted bit, but then you dip in all those exciting bits of bread and veg. I’m in the melt-y bit. We are just white people. Even though our family is Scottish, there is no throwing of cabers in our house. I am part Swiss … but, well, do the Swiss even have a cultural identity? I don’t know if I’m German Swiss or Italian Swiss, and while I do love chocolate, I don’t own a watch. I guess I’m just American, and while that’s fine 50% of the time, it isn’t that exciting to me. It isn’t like I get to put on crazy shoes and skirts with special names and dance around.

Except today. That day. My wedding day.

That day I was going to be a polish dancer. I was putting on my ceremonial garb, my war paint, my helmet (trust me, with the amount of hairspray I had in my hair, I was ready for football) (also, I don’t think polish dancers wear helmets, but just go with it). I was getting ready for my “dance,” my performance. My moment at the county fair.

It was really cool.


I’m getting married here:

but maybe don’t expect that weather…

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I’m totally getting this, or something like this, for my wedding.

Or perhaps, for fridays…

Tasha 'Feather Whisperer' Fascinator Headband- From Nordstrom


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I’ve finally found a wedding website that makes me feel good about wedding websites! A Practical Wedding is something I stumbled across while scouring the interwebs for guidance on our current favorite non-plan plan. This site makes me happy and hopeful that I won’t fall into the giant wedding machine or if I do, that I will be able to climb back out.

Anyway, yay for sensible people celebrating the joys of marriage in all the wonderful, different and special forms it takes!

Hello Internet!

This is the start of Mark and my wedding website/blog. Welcome! Eventually we will have things posted here-like a full recounting of the big question, a recap of any arguments we have over who loves who more, and eventually details on the actual wedding itself.

I’m glad you are here and I hope you will enjoy our Super Happy Wedding Funtime Website!


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