Sam and Mark's Super Happy Wedding Funtime


Posted on: January 8, 2013

I may have pulled my hair up, clipped some Kleenex on my head to mimic a fancy fascinator, tossed on my wedding dress, and swished around the apartment like a pretty, pretty princess.

I have to test this thing out.

What I found is that hair makes a difference. A big difference. Originally, I was going to do my own hair. I was going to find some lovely headband on Etsy, plop it on my head, and be done. The trouble is, this dress requires more than that. This dress, like Audrey II, requires a bit more than I can eek out of my fingertips. This dress requires a full size professional.

I know what you are going to say, I know because I’ve said it: PLEASE. You can do your own hair. You can. You really can. It isn’t that hard. Get some product, some clips, watch a youtube- bob’s your uncle- bouffant. Easy. This is not an expense you should try to justify. This is frivolous. This is silly. This is everything you aren’t. Don’t give in to wedding bell peer pressure. This isn’t a requirement. You don’t need hair for your wedding. YOU ONLY NEED LOVE.

But at what point does austerity stop? I mean, I DO NOT need to get my hair done. But I also DO NOT need a dress. I DO NOT need a sit down meal, or wine, or friends or family. Heck, I could even forgo witnesses with a confidential marriage license. I DO NOT NEED ANYTHING.  I CAN DO IT ALONE.

Well, almost alone. I still need Mark.

We can have indulgences. It is OK. It is our wedding, after all. If Mark wants a bespoke suit, Mark can have his bespoke suit. If I want a professional to make my hair do something other than lie flat against my face, then let’s book an appointment. I’m not going to get my hair done because I have to have some crinkly eight tier updo I saw in some magazine. I’m not getting extensions or changing color, I’m just getting someone to make me look like my best self. I’m not doing this because of SOCIETY, but I am doing it because it is my wedding day and I’m going to wear a pretty dress, and damn if I don’t want some pretty hair, too.


7 Responses to "SELL OUT"

Getting your hair done is +not+ selling out! You know how awesome you feel after a good haircut? Why not add that awesome feeling to the awesomeness of your awesome wedding day!

You inspired me, just so you know- your fancy do’s done at wak shack? I’m getting my hair cut there on Saturday and plan to talk to them about the big day then. Plus- I can NOT beat location for convenience!

Not only should you get your hair done on your wedding day, you should experiment early and as often as necessary to get the best hair possible on your day. Maybe highlights or a body perm would be a good thing. But you want to try that NOW rather than later so you will be good on (or can fix it before) the big day.

And it is not selling out, it is adding “that awesome feeling to the awesomeness of your awesome wedding day!” Yay awesome!

I think that would be too far for me- but you can! come as a redhead! 🙂

Nope, I’ve learned my lesson! But if you do experiment, do it sooner than later!

You also need someone to do your makeup — and a PRACTICE appt for both to make sure it’s just what you want. I did not do the practice, and had a very disappointing result — with hundreds of dollars in photos to document it for all time. 😦

eek! I’m so sorry! GAH that is so upsetting!


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