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4 Months and Counting

Posted on: December 7, 2012

Oh bloody crap there are less than 4 months until my wedding.

I guess I should start planning.

We’ve been resting on this lovely bed of smug satisfaction at taking care of the big things (venue, photographer, dress), that we’ve sorta completely forgotten all the little things (invites, schedules, decor, ceremony, entertainment, etc). Well. Not forgotten so much as willfully ignored. But my chickens, they are roosting. Roooooooosting.

And now it is the holidays. This is a time for not being at all productive because holidays. Holidays! They are the most wonderful excuse ever. So generic. So non-specific. Sorry, I can’t. You know, it’s the holidays.

I love the holidays. I love the idea of getting married during the holidays, especially New Years. And even though I really don’t celebrate Christmas, there is something beautiful and magical about fairy lights. Cold, dark nights plus romantic twinkle lights equals fantastic. I love the aesthetic.

My winter wedding would be jewel toned. Lights would be low and cozy. Candlelight. But it would also be sleek. Deco. 1920s. I keep coming back to the 1920s, even though my dress is decidedly NOT 1920s. But I love the idea, especially for a New Year’s Day wedding. Something about the glamour. Long, tall lines, champagne flutes, bow ties and vests, feathers in your hair, long gloves. Very Gatsby but without the misery. Very Downton season 3, again, without the misery.

Dress ideas for New Year’s:


Or maybe:


I really just want the awesome headpiece.

Anyway. The New Years Wedding would be back to front. New Year’s Eve would be the reception- a late dinner. It would be glorious and decadent and delicious and then, at the stroke of midnight, we’d gather around for the ceremony. It would be quick and it would be followed by more drinking and dancing. It would feel like Midnight In Paris, a sort of magical, once in a life time event. Something maybe you stumbled into, got swept up in, and was so strange and wonderful, you let it carry you away.

But this is yet another wedding that I won’t have. I need to get to work on the one I will be having pretty soon, or… Well. I won’t have it.



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