Sam and Mark's Super Happy Wedding Funtime

What Wedding?

Posted on: October 26, 2012

Oh my gosh I so do not even care about weddings anymore.

I don’t. At all.

Especially mine- I don’t care. People ask me questions and I just shrug. It is still happening, I guess. I mean, we booked the place and the other place. So that’s sorted. We have a kick-ass photographer and  coordinator to help us out. The food will be good. The wine will be good. I’m sure whenever we (and by we I mean Mark) get around to putting together our music, that will be good. I even have a pretty dress that may or may not show up any day now.

Maybe, at some point, we might even send out the Save The Date cards we have sitting in the living room.


I feel like I am in limbo. Like I am waiting to start to care again. And maybe I will, but I think it won’t be for a while. There are other things to do- elections, holidays, birthdays. These things are infinitely more interesting than trying to find shoes to go with a dress (dude, this is really stupid hard) or invitations (the ones in my head don’t seem to exist and I’ll be damned if I’m paying for custom invites) and get an officiant (uuuuuuh… Crap. This is important.).

I’m worried that my apathy will somehow translate into a big empty room with no guests (and no wedding shoes). But. That probably won’t happen. Right? And if it does… Meh.





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