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Needs v Wants

Posted on: July 9, 2012

As we plan our wedding, I constantly find myself trimming things out. Weeding. Silly things that make me shake my head in a really superior and condescending manner. Things that other people do, but are far too ridiculous and unnecessary for me. Favors? Heh. Flowers? Get over yourself. Garter toss? Who do you think I am?

I am all about the basics. Basics! What is the core of this event? What is the point? Let’s cut through the fluff and get to the beating heart, yank it out and put it on the table. What are the requirements? What is the simplest, easiest, cheapest way to get there?

This is about commitment. Commitment. And dinner. Dinner and commitment. And drinks. Dinner, commitment and drinks…

But the more I find myself struggling to keep the scope down, the more I realize some of those frivolous unnecessary things are what makes the whole thing so much fun. I’m not a Puritan. This isn’t a land deal. This is a celebration. A celebration! And cut that down to it’s core and you find confetti. And drinks. And music, and laughter and pretty dresses and flowers and hell, maybe you even find some favors. Some PARTY favors. Because that’s what you have at a celebration.

So screw austerity (but let’s not go crazy). Screw bargain basement (though, we can still look around for stuff). Screw pulling out the beating heart and putting it on the table (a little gory, perhaps?). This isn’t me giving into the Industrial Wedding Complex, this isn’t about buying all the things (I still wont be doing that). This is about me wanting to have fun with my friends. This is about being a good host. This is about using the heart, not ripping it out, and sharing the love a little more than we usually do.

There still won’t be a garter toss. Who do you think I am?


3 Responses to "Needs v Wants"

Oh my god! Thank you! I despise garter tosses. You’re a bride, not a stripper.

RIGHT? Seriously. There are so many things I don’t get about that. First- why are you flinging your new wife’s underthings around? Second- well, mostly it is the first thing. Why would you do that??

Oh…and I love how the standard defense for that horrible tradition is, “but it’s really fun!” Uh huh. You know what else is fun? Strip clubs!


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