Sam and Mark's Super Happy Wedding Funtime

Reception Resuscitation

Posted on: July 8, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have officially entered what I have decided to call the “Apothecary Jar” phase of wedding planning.


This is the phase in which we have a wonderful discussion in which we decide to jam a lot of crap in apothecary jars to make pretty centerpieces and all is lovely and wonderful and then I totally freak out because no one will be at our wedding to see them. Because my wedding is an inconvenience. Because I am reclusive and weird and never go out, so why would anyone bother coming out for me. Because I enjoy freaking out.

But whatever. My parents will be there. My brother. Mark’s family. Mark’s friends. My friends. And if they can’t make it, then they can’t make it. Things happen. Life happens. It won’t stop me from loving them. It won’t stop me from getting married. It won’t stop me from eating a delicious fish dinner. It won’t stop me from getting drunk (it will probably just make me extra drunk). And it won’t stop life from going on. It won’t make my marriage better or worse. It is one day. One party. One moment. One memory.

So I’m going to go back to focusing on all the wonderful, colorful, odd, fun what-have-yous we can throw into apothecary jars. That is a much better use of my time.


2 Responses to "Reception Resuscitation"

Go to Oriental Trading or have some old tymey candy shipped from Rocket Fizz. Sarita and did apothecary jars a few years ago. I think i have a pic of mine somewhere on my FB. Or maybe people should just be thankful they are getting FISH!!!!!!!

Now I want some olde timey candy 😛
Actually…. Hmmm…..


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