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The Weight of the World

Posted on: June 26, 2012

Guys. Wedding diets are crazy. If you are sticking a feeding tube up your nose willingly, there is something seriously wrong with you. Feeding tubes are not for healthy people. Feeding tubes are for UNHEALTHY people. I can think of no circumstance where a feeding tube would be used on a healthy person. Go ahead. Try it out. Hunger strike maybe? Well, something about that situation is inherently unhealthy if it requires the use of a hunger strike. Hunger strikes don’t really strike me as something one does for fun.

I’m talking about this, a NY Times article that talks about wedding diets. Juice cleanses, weird hormone shots and, my personal favorite, the nasogastric tube. Yep. Feel free to go about your day with a feeding tube jammed down your nose. That won’t brand you as a freak at all.

As I get ready for my wedding and struggle with the fact most wedding dresses do not come in my size, this shit makes me freaking furious. You are a size 10, but you need to be a size 4 for your wedding day. Why? Why? Why? Do you know how lucky you already are? You can go into any bridal shop with your friends and family and try on dresses! You aren’t regulated to some section in the basement with 3 sad, tattered “plus size” dress samples. You aren’t forced to call around and scour the internet looking for someplace that has something, anything, resembling a dress.

But I’m not alone in this feeling of inadequacy about how I look. The size 10s, the size 4s, the size 0s, they are all struggling too. The one great bond that we all share is that none of us feel pretty enough, none of us are prefect enough. They may be able to try on more dresses, but that won’t necessarily make them feel better about how they look in them.

But screw this. No fuck this. I don’t want to look pretty in my wedding pictures. I want to look happy. We should all want to look happy. Happy is as pretty as you can get. Your head thrown back at a weird angle, eyes all squinty, maybe a little red and sweaty because you are laughing your ass off? Yeah, that is freaking gorgeous. Happy is gorgeous.

So screw wedding diets. Screw feeding tubes. Screw Spanx and screw stupid shoes. Screw teeth whitening. Screw it. Screw trying to look good for one day. One day. One day that will come and go faster than any other day before. I want to look happy. I want to be happy. That’s better than the best picture.


3 Responses to "The Weight of the World"

PREACH!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxox

I want a t-shirt that says Happy is gorgeous.

Yes, happy is gorgeous, and I hope you are always both!

But then, I have always known you are gorgeous, and hoped you are happy.


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