Sam and Mark's Super Happy Wedding Funtime

Spring Fling

Posted on: June 21, 2012

We went with an April wedding for many reasons. It is the spring, and I love the spring time. Flowers. Birds. Things waking up after winter. The air smells nice. The days are getting longer. Warm but not too warm. Spring is nice. Spring is friendly. Spring is delightful.

We were thinking September, because I also love the fall. And September in San Francisco is easily the best weather we have all year. But September 2013 just seemed too far away. Plus there’s this thing called the America’s Cup that will be happening then. Not good for getting a hotel room at a reasonable rate.

I thought about summer too. I love that it is the first full day of summer and I was freezing on my way into the office this morning. Summer here is rad. Summer here is weird, even a bit nutty. Summer here is also high tourist season, and again- room rates are going to be higher. Plus some people think freezing to death in July isn’t fun. Go figure.

Winter is winter. You’ve got stuff going on. I’ve got stuff going on. Plus, it is raining.

It might rain in April. It might be beautiful and warm. It might just be windy and cold. Who knows? This year we had bright sunny, warm weather, then terrible, havoc raising thunderstorms, then back to bright, sunny good times. I can’t tell you what the weather will be like, I just hope it won’t be awful. And if it is? Well, dinner is inside. The ceremony is inside. And The City looks so pretty in the rain!



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