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A Wedding I Won’t Have: Zazie

Posted on: June 8, 2012

This one really breaks my heart. Actually, not hypothetically, because this was our Plan A.

Zazie is an adorable little french bistro in Cole Valley. I first went to Zazie for brunch with my friend E. She and I met on a bright sunny morning and had eggs and mimosas. It was a wonderful time. The best time. Zazie was warm and inviting and the food was wonderful and the whole day was a wonderful day.

Every time I’ve been back, even if we have had to wait (and oh boy, you do have to wait for brunch on the weekends!), I have had an absolutely delightful time. The food is always wonderful. The service is always friendly. The sun, it would seem, is always shining.

So OF COURSE this is what I wanted for my wedding. Sunshine? Yes! Delicious food? YES! Warmth and conviviality? BIEN SUR! (that is french for “Fuck Yeah”) (no it is not) Mark and I also want easy and relaxed and we thought we had found the perfect package here.

(Check out their photo album)

And we did. But one of the many reasons Zazie is so wonderful is that is a small restaurant. That warmth and conviviality is due  in part to the size. Size that just can’t handle our guestlist. And our guestlist is already less inclusive than I would really like it to be- so cutting more people would be more heartbreaking than having to scrap our Plan A and figure out a Plan B.

(Plan B, by the way, NOTHING like Plan A. And also everything like Plan A. And I’m going to need a REALLY pretty dress…)


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In my next life, I want to have a very small family and only a few friends (in the country) so **I** can get married there! 🙂 Sorry it didn’t work out for you…it’ll be awesome though, no matter what!


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