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Stupid Math(s)

Posted on: May 30, 2012

I just sent an email to our reception venue because I am ready to put down a deposit. I’m super excited. Really super excited. Thrilled. Planning is D-O-N-E, DONE.

Except I did my numbers wrong.

The venue holds 48 inside. I have a list of 62. I can’t count on no shows. I can’t seat some in and some out- what if it rains? And I can’t tell people not to bring kids. Because I want kids. There. At the wedding. Not in my uterus.

So. Frack. And some other choice words. I had to send an email apologizing to the venue for me NOT BEING ABLE TO COUNT. Embarrassing.

I’d like to chalk it up to this god awful cold I have, but the list was made a long time ago. This venue was checked out a long time ago. I just never put the numbers together. Am I trying to sabotage myself? Perhaps.

So now, back to the drawing board. April is getting closer and closer by the second.


2 Responses to "Stupid Math(s)"

you can seat me outside on the curb. so i can tie weird objects to your drive away mobile. if i am on the list, and if you have a drive away mobile. i dont want to assssssummmeeee.

HAHAHAHAHA, No. I want to keep an eye on you. 😛


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