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A Wedding I Won’t Have: The Ferry Building

Posted on: May 19, 2012

This one kind of kills me. I would so, so, so love to have an elegant cocktail reception at the Ferry Building. I mean look at this:

Look at those people. They are fancy people for my fancy cocktail reception at the fancy Ferry Building. They arrive by streetcar, because even though they are fancy, they also are environmentally conscious and know that parking sucks.

Seriously, though, look at the Ferry Building:

It is beautiful, right?

The Ferry Building is a sort of microcosm of San Francisco. Let’s start with the building, at one time this was the second busiest passenger terminal in the world. The addition of bridges and crazy freeways and redesigns to make space for dark offices turned it into a dank place no one really wanted to go to. Then a giant earthquake knocks down the double-decker freeway and the Ferry Building is no longer cut off from the rest of the city. San Francisco decides to take an interest and restore the once grand structure to something of its former glory. Still an active terminal for ferries, the interior is partially restored, turning what was once a dark, uninviting space into a haven for purveyors of fine foods and luxury goods. A gorgeous tourist trap, sure, but something the locals still use without the requirement of out-of-town guests.

The management has recently been criticized for forcing out some older tenants in order to raise rents.  This means the beautiful fruits and foods and gardening hats on sale are going to be more expensive than somewhere else. Sound like San Francisco? And sure, the farmer’s market is filled with one of the most beautiful assortment of veggies that I’ve ever seen, but you pay for that view. The price at the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market is way higher than any other farmer’s market in the area.  But you get prestige points for shopping there. Right?

When I first moved to San Francisco, I used to go over to the Ferry Building and have coffee by the water. This was before Blue Bottle opened their doors (yeah, I’m a hipster). I’d go and grab a coffee and sit by the water and just be happy to be in such a beautiful place. Something about the waterfront makes me giddy. Even on gray days, I loved to watch the boats and the birds and enjoy the fresh sea air. It was always lovely, always magical.

So OF COURSE I want to get married here.  I mean, look at it dressed up for a wedding:

It would have to be a nighttime reception. As good as the Ferry Building looks in the day, there is just something about the exposed steel beams and the skylights and windows that make it seem so cozy.

Oh, boy, think of it! So elegant! So refined! So sparkly! I think I might do something like this:

A nod to our hippie forebearers...

But finding a dress would certainly be difficult (I know, I just spent 2 hours on the interwebs looking for one… for a blog post- I can’t even begin to imagine what finding a dress for this place would be like…).  It would have to the right amount of retro, but not too much on the poofy underskirt. It would need to be structured and organic and amazing. This is the sort of venue that you couldn’t wear just any dress to.

Which is one of the reasons this is out for me.  Too much pressure.  If I stress myself out over looking for a picture of a dress for a blog post about a wedding venue I AM NOT GOING TO HAVE A WEDDING AT, then actually having a wedding here would probably kill me. Not to mention that the site fee and a meal for 60 (nothing else) would be about $26,000 (yeah, I did the math right-  I double checked).  I think that’s enough to ruin the Ferry Building for me forever.  I don’t think a beautiful, specular, gorgeous party would be enough to clear out the stress and the cost.  I think I’ll keep enjoying it for free.  Or for the cost of an overpriced (and totally delicious) salumi sandwich.


2 Responses to "A Wedding I Won’t Have: The Ferry Building"

How about we just run through the building and take fun candid shots after your wedding?

I’m not into the staged shots so much. I’m a weirdo. And who knows that might change… also, there may be some ferry building involvement, even if it is only a quick drive by 😛


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