Sam and Mark's Super Happy Wedding Funtime

Wedding Bands

Posted on: January 30, 2012

OK.  I’m not going to have a band play my wedding, but if I were, here are my picks:

Talking Heads (see also: David Byrne as the Talking Heads are now defunct)- This is my favorite band.  I fell in love with music dancing to Burning Down the House in my bedroom.  I’m sure I did not, I’m sure that it started much earlier, but whatever, this is the story I’m going with.  We still lived in Georgia and I had a radio and a yellow room and I loved, loved, loved this song. Oddly enough the Atlanta DJ later moved to LA and I heard him every day until KROQ became completely insufferable.

Phoenix– Easily one of the best live show’s I’ve ever seen.  The music just makes you want to dance! So much joy and life!

Spoon– Spoon is solid rock and roll. They have those janglely guitars, Brit’s voice is amazing, and the band is everything you want in a rock band.  Even Spoon’s sad songs make me happy because they are just so darn good.

Arcade Fire– I think Arcade Fire playing our wedding would somehow turn the whole thing into a post-modern take on weddings.  But that’s OK.  They have a lot of energy.

M. Ward– Have you seen that guy play guitar? It is amazing.  And beautiful.  Perfect, I say, for a wedding.  Plus, it is just one guy.  That’s got to be cheaper…

The Flaming Lips– You wouldn’t need wedding decorations.  The confetti cannons will take care of everything.

Ray Davies– The first show Mark and I saw together was Ray Davies at the Warfeild, so of course, there is sentimental value there.  Plus the Kinks have some of the greatest songs ever written, so why not play them at the best wedding ever weddinged?



3 Responses to "Wedding Bands"

Hmmmmmm…..for five dollars, I’ll t shoot a gun at people’s feet to make them dance! No matter what music!

I’m a little concerned about how willing you are to fire a gun at people… But for 5 dollars, I guess I don’t really need to ask any questions.

Okay, I’ll do it for FREEEEEEEEE!


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