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The Trouble With Practicality

Posted on: January 29, 2012

OK. I’ve talked in depth about what I don’t want for my wedding. Maybe a bit too in depth. My wedding is beginning to sound really boring and I haven’t even planned it yet. Poor little wedding.

So now let’s talk about what I do want.

I want a Flaming Lips show. It isn’t that I even like the Flaming Lips that much (that’s Mark’s department) but their shows are just so full of energy and life and joy. I want to get married in the afternoon, grab a quick dinner, then head to the show. Bringing everyone along, of course. My parents, friends, everyone.

Of course, this probably won’t work. First, I don’t think my parents in real life would have as much fun as they are having in my head. Getting tickets for everyone would probably be difficult. Then there is the whole logistics of inviting out of towners. Out of towners with kids. And kids. Even with my teeny tiny wedding and my lack of interest in procreating, these kids are important to me. And that means if I’m inviting people with kids, I’d like them to be able to bring them.

And here I am back in the land of what I don’t want. Again. Every plan has its drawbacks. Every plan will have its downside. I could drive myself insane trying to make it perfect for everyone. I need to let that go. Forget about the downsides and focus on the upsides. I won’t be able to do the big concert and have guests. Whatever. Move on. Next.

Of course, we could just elope. The Flaming Lips are playing Bimbo’s next month. I just need to find a pretty dress…


5 Responses to "The Trouble With Practicality"

You can rent one of those bubbles, you know. For real. We did it for a shoot. You could walk down the aisle in a Wayne Coyne ball! YES!

OK, I am not totally changing my plan to make this happen…. That would be amazing…

OMG, what a great idea, Sarah! That is fabulous.

Sam, weddings are scary. You will second-guess yourself the whole way. I’m still second-guessing myself 6 years later — should we have bothered with the “rehearsal dinner” when we didn’t rehearse shit? was I drunk enough? I think you want to just keep it simple. Approach it as if you were planning an awesome party for Mark, and you will end up with something you’ll enjoy. In the end, though, it’s about the marriage and not the wedding.

I do think kids at a wedding are a lot of fun, and I was actually irritated when some people showed up without kids when I knew damn well they had them stashed somewhere. Good choice!

Thanks- and yes, I am second guessing everything. Which is impressive, considering we have nothing in place as a first guess. Kids are kind of a weird spot for me, because I’m not a kid person, but the idea of making people leave their kids behind just isn’t sitting right. I think they just add to the sense of community building that a wedding is all about. Plus my friends have amazingly cute kids.

Though, seriously, a giant plastic bubble would be amazing. Mark and I could both be in it and we could walk from city hall to the reception in it. I wonder if you need a permit for that…

I don’t think you need a permit for that. Only if it’s for a film shoot. But this is a WEDDING!!!!!!! Also, let’s make sure we get you a pretty pair of bloomers just in case the ball gets chuggin’ too fast.


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