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A Wedding I Won’t Have: Cal Academy

Posted on: November 4, 2011

I love the California Academy of Sciences.  When I first moved to San Francisco, my dear friend Kate bought a membership for me and I’ve been going ever since.   Cal Academy has a rain forest.  Cal Academy has penguins.  They have an aquarium and they have a planetarium and they have a living roof.  The California Academy of Sciences has an albino alligator.  The alligator’s name is Claude.

So of course this is my first choice for a wedding venue.  I mean, come on- an albino alligator?  Can he be our witness?

A wedding here would be super classy.  Elegant.  Sophisticated.  It would be cocktail attire and I’d wear a wedding suit- something out of 1950s Hollywood.  We’d have sushi.  Elegant flora arrangements.  There would be a seating chart.  It would be amazing.

Then I looked it up:  $18,500.  Just for the venue.

More than a new Volkswagen.   Not much more, but more.  Then tack on food.  Drinks.  Dress and a new suit.  Photographer.  Flowers.  Now it is more than a really nice Volkswagen.  Leather seats.  Dual climate control.

If I had an endless budget, endless time, endless patience… I don’t know.  I mean, it is beautiful.  And so much fun!  Just the right mix of quirky and fancy.  I got engaged in an aquarium, getting married at the Academy of Sciences seems like a natural progression.  It seems like it would be perfect.

In reality it is too much.  Not just cost- which is enough on its own- but too much work.  Too much stress.  I would have to think about things.  Or, in my dream, pay someone to think about things.  And that’s not me.  That’s dream me.  Real me doesn’t actually care that much for fancy.  Real me likes nice.  Real me likes elegant, sure, but real me thinks elegant lies in easy things.  Simple things.

So real me is going to stick to the basics.  But feel free to imagine my Academy wedding.  It is drop dead gorgeous!


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you are hilarious. love, marcia


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