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Setting a Date

Posted on: October 24, 2011

I guess I should give up on pre-planning as I think we have, at the very least, a rough outline of a plan. At the most? We have an actual plan.

We don’t have a date. And now that I have a plan, I want this to happen RIGHT NOW. Which is, of course, a bit ridiculous. Because right now I have to go to work to earn money to pay for this fête. Right now I need to find out what it takes to reserve my locations. Right now I need to pick out invitations. Then print out invitations. Then send out invitations. And all of that nonsense needs to happen with enough time for the folks receiving the invitations to make decisions and arrangements, et cetera, et cetera.

And then there is a dress. I need to find a dress. And while I won’t be in the traditional gown of today’s “Say Yes to the Dress” set, I still need to find one that works. And fits. And I need to do this before the wedding date.

So, even assuming our plan works out, next week isn’t happening. Next year. 2012. In one of those months. Probably one of those later months.


2 Responses to "Setting a Date"

That’s pretty fast planning. Yay for 2012!

Yay! It is easier (I hope) when you go the bare bones route. That said, we still have to do everything. So plan= easy. Execution= openly weeping. But I’m going to do my best to be relaxed. Heh. Expect typos on the invitations and no cake!


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