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The Devil is in the Details

Posted on: October 18, 2011

So as this non-planning pre-planning phase of the engagement continues, I’ve realized a few things:

1. Engagement really isn’t any more fun. I’m extremely happy to be engaged, don’t get me wrong, but other than the fancy shiny bobble I get to gaze at lovingly, there really isn’t anything more to it other than now we have to plan a wedding. Or a non-wedding. Some sort of thing. Or non thing. Turns out what I’m really excited about is the marriage. Go figure.

2. Weddings are reeeeeeeeediculous. Expensive. Excessive. They are bizarre. I want a relaxed and fun afternoon. This is apparently not included in your basic wedding package.

3. I’m easily bogged down in details I’m not even involved in. Mark keeps reminding me we need to think big picture, then we can focus on the details. I, however, need the details to know what the big picture entails. Maybe not the exact details, but details flush out the big picture. Right? Right?

4. Speaking of details, why are there so many? And back to 2- why are they so expensive? Linen rentals? Cake cutting fees? A fee at a wedding TO CUT THE CAKE. Blerg. You people are not getting any cake.

None of this is news. It isn’t like I didn’t know this going in, but it is still something I had to discover/experience for myself. Now I just need to remember that this is supposed to be fun. Even if it isn’t stress free, it should be fun. When it stops being fun is when it is time to take a break and remember why we are doing this and who we are doing this for. The second (ok, maybe not second exactly) I start feeling myself getting sucked into the role of Bridezilla is the second we elope. And for reals elope, not 3000 dollar elopement package elope.

Though, that 3 grand does include the cake.


7 Responses to "The Devil is in the Details"

Vows and cake. What more do you need?

OK, so vows, dress and cake…
Vows, dress, cake and party…
A place for the vows, dress, cake and party…
And a place for the party…

And flowers!

And music!

That 3 grand elopement package is looking like a bargain!

Totally! The cycle is:

We can do x
We can do y
We can do z!
We can do x, y AND z!!
And D!
And, OMG, this is crazy.
Crazy. CRAZY!

We should just elope.

… and then the cycle begins anew….

I do not envy you one bit! Just space out the cake shopping (tasting) in between all the other appointments. πŸ™‚ I’m sure you can make it all work. You only really need someone to marry you & Mark to each other and two witnesses over 18. Dress shopping was my biggest nightmare, closely followed by facing the cost of a good photographer (but he was right, the pictures are priceless), and finding a venue. The smaller and simpler (hahahaha) you keep it, the more options you’ll have for locations and venues and food…

The photographer is a bit frightening– I think that will be more than the food!

Small and simple is exactly what I want. It starts blowing up in my head and Mark has to remind me that that isn’t what I/we want. It isn’t us.

Cake tasting, however, is us. VERY us.

Obviously, I have no advice but this. Even if you elope at City Hall (your City Hall is gorgeous, by the way) do get a photographer. It needn’t be the most expensive–just someone who knows how to use a good quality camera. My only regret was thinking that if we weren’t having a “real” wedding we didn’t need a photographer.

I’ve heard wonderful things about those destination weddings where the schmancy hotel organizes it all. Or skip it and have a condo downpayment. Whatever. You’ll be happy whatever you do!

I second (or third?) the photographer comments. It should be the one splurge. You won’t regret it and a great photographer will allow you to remember all the specialness-es of your day (whatever kind of day you two want).
Miss you!!!

I do agree on the photographer. Even a boring wedding can look amazing and fun with the right photographer! Our splurges will be food/drink and photography. The rest we can totally skimp on πŸ™‚

I miss you too, my dear, hope you and the girls and the Josh are doing well!


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