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Enjoying the Engagement

Posted on: October 6, 2011

I am not a huge fan of unknowns. Especially known unknowns.

Unknown unknowns, I am ok with. But not too ok. I wouldn’t welcome them, lest they become known unknowns.

Known unknowns drive me insane. I need to know. Not unknow. Know. For instance, you are kind enough to buy me a gift for my birthday. You tell me “I got you a birthday present!” There is no “Thank you!” or “How nice!” there is only “What is it?” It turns out in addition to not liking unknowns, I’m also terribly rude.

So what does this have to do with enjoying the engagement?

So glad you asked.

It isn’t that I don’t want to enjoy my engagement. I do (ooooh, trying that on is fun!), but there are all these questions. Have you picked a date? Where will it be? What are your colors? What kind of dress? Buffet or table service? Who will you invite? Will you elope? Does Spoon even play elopements?

So many questions! So many unknowns!

So I’m going to try to be good! I’m going to do my best not to freak out over the large quantity of unknows. I’m going to enjoy finding them out and in the meantime, I’ll have to keep reminding myself of my knowns. I know I’m happy. I know Mark and I will have fun, no matter what we decide. I know I’m lucky to have friends and family that love and support me and are curious about what we will do. I know I can’t afford Spoon.

I am super lucky because I will be able to know all my unknowns in time. And if I end up not knowing any of them, they probably weren’t that interesting to begin with.


1 Response to "Enjoying the Engagement"

Hahah! Welcome to being engaged. I get the same questions every day and it’s been 4 months. šŸ™‚


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